Pherosma Banned

In OU Singles, the Ultra Beast, Pherosma has been banned from the format. I agree with this, Pherosma has very high stats that give it an unfair advantage in Singles. Advertisements

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Childhood Memories

At least 15 years ago, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese had Pokémon shaped Mac n Cheese, and there were exclusive tokens on the back of all of these boxes. I would eat my Mac n Cheese, watch Pokémon and repeat the cycle

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Listen, this once garbage Pokémon has hit competitive like a bus. It has been given the ability Drizzle, which makes it rain as soon as it enters. If you run Soak on it, you turn the target Pokémon into a water type. If you really want to be mean, run a Pokémon with Trick Room […]

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More like Bruh, swol! Haha, don’t hate me. Anyway, this bug-fighting Pokémon looks like the jerk at the gym that is showing off, but this thing hits like a bus. It has an ability that raises its most prominent stat after a successful knock-out, so that’s annoying for your opponent.

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This Pokémon is a beast. With its new raise in Attack, giving Marowak the item, Thick Club, doubles its attack. Anything in its way is almost guaranteed to be knocked-out if you run it correctly.

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