Well, it’s been a ride folks.

The final story I will be teaching or telling you about is “How to Battle in ANY Format”

Most of the ideas I use and that you will be using can be found at:

From this screen simply select which generation of the game you wish to participate in and build your team from what you like that you see.

Basically this how your battle will go if you are playing in any singles format. Send out which ever Pokemon you wish to set up with. This can be a hazer, a sweeper or even a baton passer, but the latter is highly not recommended as the rules have changed for Pokemon using the move Baton Pass.

Just for time purposes let’s say you sent out a hazer. Use all the possible hazards you can send out, and if you still have plenty of life left on your Pokemon, switch it out for a wall. If not, let it get knocked out and send out your choice of either a wall or a sweeper.

Let’s say you sent out a sweeper after your hazer was knocked out. If your Pokemon has a stat boosting move, use it if it seems safe, otherwise hit your opponent with the most powerful move you have.

Your play style should look similar to this if you use


If you choose to battle in the actual game versus Pokemon Showdown, it will be much more difficult to build your team, as you will have to breed and EV train every single one of the Pokemon in your team. If you choose to play Ubers, you will either have to play luck of the draw with what you catch, trade with other players online, or constantly resetting your game to get a good IV spread and a good nature.


Regardless of what format you choose to play, remember that after you build your team, you can always build as many as you want. P24zwL.jpg

Thank you so much for tuning in and reading my posts everybody,

Cole Miller.